We highly recommend purchasing your package approximately 3-4 months prior to completing your graduate program. This will give you plenty of time to look over the requirements and obtain the documents needed for each application as well as give you an opportunity to budget for the application fees. Of course, you can purchase the package at any time (you can even apply for your certification exam up to 6 months prior!), however, we believe 3-4 months prior to completion will give you an advantage during popular graduation months.

We have 3 package levels, NP Basic, NP Priority, and NP Platinum Preferred. If you are just looking for step-by-step guidance and support, NP Basic will likely fit your needs.

If you want guidance and us to take care of some of the filing for you, NP Priority, our most popular package, may be for you! We take care of the filing of your NPI number with this package AND provide pre-paid and pre-addressed envelopes for all of your mailings that you’ll be compiling. This package provides ultimate convenience for a seamless certification and licensure process.

NP Platinum Preferred provides all the benefits of NP Priority, with express handling and a 7-day turnaround on your materials. Plus, celebrate your new role and credentials with a customized, embroidered lab coat with your name and future credentials.

This is dependent upon which package you select. We start working right away once your order is received on your customized package. However, we have guaranteed turnaround times based on which package was ordered. If you have ordered the NP Basic package, you will receive your package within 3 weeks. With the NP Priority package, a 14 day turnaround is guaranteed. The NP Platinum Preferred package will provide you with express handling within 7 business days.
Of course we can! While our name is Np2Be, we are here to help advanced practice nurses of all specialties and certifications!
We offer group discounts based on 10 students or more. Please fill out our group discount form and we will contact you with a quote.
This is our specialty! We know firsthand how confusion with certification and licensure can delay the onboarding and orienting process for new hires and new graduate hires for companies. Please fill out our group discount form and we will contact you with a quote.
We are in constant contact with the state boards of nursing and they are aware of the services we offer; in fact, they often recommend our services! We are constantly double and triple checking to verify the information we provide you with is the most current. Of course, sometimes boards of nursing can change things after your package has shipped. If you should encounter any discrepancies or confusion, the purchase of any of our packages provides you with lifetime customer support, so contact us and we will rectify the situation as fast as possible. Our only goal is getting you to your future, faster!
We will be very soon! Be on the lookout for our licensure maintenance and continuing education options, as well as assistance with finding or becoming preceptors! l If you have any ideas or suggestions for what could have helped you during your APN program, after your program, or during your career, please contact us. We are here to enhance the APN profession!
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