I LOVE my Np2Be packet! I am so happy I decided to use you guys!

Jordan G., Case Western Reserve University FNP new graduate 

Jordan G.

Thank you for the books! I love them!! Thank you again for making my life easier with more balance!

Dr. Gail Van Kanegan, DNP, FNP-BC, APHN-BC EEM-AP

Clinical Director DNP/FNP Program, Augsburg College partnered with Np2Be to provide our guides to the 2017 FNP graduates

Augsburg College

I was one of the lucky new graduates who got to be a trial student for the Np2Be pilot. This service was amazing! After we had our class discussion with our instructor that was meant to explain the process to us, we all left feeling confused, stressed, and overwhelmed. I am so glad I did not have to figure this out on my own!

Ashley N., FNP-BC

I can attest to Np2Be being awesome! Very streamlined and simple!

Robin A., FNP-C

100% worth it! Np2Be could have saved me so much stress and time! I tell any APN student I know they need to buy one of these packages just for the stress relief!

Katie C., ACNP-BC

Y’all are awesome. It would have been nice to have your package included in the last semester for school! I will add that to my exit interview with my program.

Elisa H., FNP-C

Of course something like this comes out a year after I finish grad school! I would have totally paid someone to take care of this for me so I wouldn’t have the headache of figuring out what I had to do on top of completing school, studying for boards, and finding a job! Np2Be is the most helpful graduate nursing student service out there!

Bridget B., PNP-BC

Totally lost and overwhelmed. Your program is a Godsend! This is a service new grads need…I totally think this is the coolest thing ever.

Emily B., FNP-C

I almost lost my state licensure a year after I had started practicing as an NP because I was unaware of a specific form my state required to be sent to the board of nursing in order to prescribe medications. I had been prescribing for an entire year illegally! If Np2Be had been around when I graduated, I wouldn’t have spent weeks in emotional distress, worried that I would lose my job AND my license, and would have saved money in lawyer fees! This would have never happened! For that reason alone I highly recommend all the students I precept now to purchase a package with Np2Be! This process is too confusing to figure out on your own!

Malissa C., FNP-BC
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